Succinct Software LLC

Solving business problems with software

About Me

Hi, I'm Rob and I am the single founder of Succinct Software. I have been professionally developing web applications for the last 8 years or so. Within the last few years, I have brought some of my creations to the public under the Succinct Software name. You can find my writing on Medium and smaller comments on Twitter

Here our some of Succinct Software's creations:

Simple Product Roadmaps. Meaningful Product Communication. Never lose another customer due to a feature they thought you lacked.

Learn how to build a production-ready Ruby on Rails 5 SaaS app with this book and course. This course will guide you beginning to end on getting everything you would need to get a SaaS app off the ground!

Make Remote Daily Standup Meetings Quick and Easy! Painful Daily Standups? Collaborate and organize your Daily Standup meetings in real-time!

Bring order to your daily project management chaos. Connect with JIRA, Trello, GitHub and to save time, increase productivity and focus on the most important tasks.

Ever wonder when the last time a particular date fell on a certain day, or when the next time it will happen?